Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping 3 questions
  • Will transportation effect the stability of my probiotic order?

    For small orders of probiotics, we ship within a fit for purpose foil insulated bubble-wrapped post pack with frozen therma gel to protect against extreme heat.

    On arrival to your premise or residence the pack and bottle will be at ambient temperature, our stability data shows that the probiotics have not deteriorated and are shelf stable for up to one month.

    If left on the shelf our probiotics will deteriorate over time so we suggest that you place them in the refrigerator upon receipt. So everyday our probiotics are left at room temperature they lose one day of expiration date.

    If the probiotics are kept refrigerated they will meet the colon forming unit (CFU) count on the label up to the expiry date on the label.

    Even once opened our probiotics are stable until the expiration date on the bottle.

  • Do you ship to my country?

    Spectrumceuticals® ship to a number of countries and we are continuing to expand our overseas courier services. Currently we ship too:

    Czech Republic
    Hong Kong
    Japan – contact our distributor First Health Japan for practitioner orders
    New Zealand – contact our distributor Nutrisearch for all orders
    United Kingdom
    United States of America

    • Please ask our Live Chat on the Home page if you are uncertain or your country is not on this list. Customs duties and clearance of supplements is the responsibility of the customer, each country has different requirements which we attempt to clarify on our Help page, our information is updated regularly but may be incorrect in the event of local regulator changes.
    • In general we have had very few issues with shipping probiotics to the countries on this list.


    Please see Customs and Shipping in our Help section for specific criteria.

  • What country are you shipping from?

    Spectrumceuticals® is an Australian listed medicine company operating from Belrose, Sydney.

    Still not sure if you want products shipped from Australia, we do it everyday but you are welcome to contact us on telephone +61 2 8404 0531 for further information or Live Chat Us on 

Payment 3 questions
  • How do I get a refund?

    Unless you notify us within ten (10) days of the receipt of products directly from us under the following conditions you will not receive a refund unless;

    1. The products were delivered unfit for resale;  meaning damaged, past expiration date, contaminated.
    2. They were shipped to you in error;

    If you ordered the product in error and request a refund we may arrange pickup at our discretion for an authorised return. A freight fee for pick-up of goods of $50 will be charged for returns.

    We do not refund purchases whereby the customer has failed to pay local country taxes or duties to Customs and the goods have been seized.

    You can request a refund via our Live Chat on the homepage, please leave your email address and details or alternatively go to the My Account and click on the Order and request a Refund through the system.

  • Does Spectrumceuticals collect taxes and duties?

    We do not collect taxes or duties for your order, all our prices and invoiced goods do not include any taxes or customs duties. Please refer to the Help section on Customs and Shipping for our most shipped countries for a guide on the expected customs and sales taxes.

  • Can I pay in my local currency?

    The base currency of our online shop is Australian dollars (AUD) however this is converted into your local currency and you are charged in local currency if available. These are the local currencies available;

    AUD – Australia Dollar
    CAD – Canadian Dollar
    CZK – Czech Republic
    DKK – Denmark
    EUR – Euro
    GBP – Great Britain Pound
    HKD – Hong Kong Dollar
    NOK – Norway
    NZD – New Zealand Dollar
    PHP – Philippine Peso
    SEK – Sweden
    SGD – Singapore Dollar
    THB – Thailand Baht
    YEN – Japanese Yen
    USD – United States Dollar

    We update exchange rates weekly using Yahoo Finance rates.

    The shopping cart should default to your local currency using geolocation or alternatively you can select your local currency on the sidebar to the left of your desktop screen or on the filter on a phone or tablet.

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