Wholesale Registration

Available to healthcare practitioners and pharmacies only. We do not approve distributors.

Registration Conditions Apply

Please read prior to completing the form

Prior to us completing a practitioner’s registration for the purposes of dispensing Spectrumceuticals, we do require that practitioners disclose the nature of their business and their professional qualifications. Professional details will not be disclosed without a practitioner’s expressed permission (refer to our privacy policy on this website).

It is the practitioner’s responsibility to ensure that, in dispensing any products, they comply with any applicable state, regional and federal laws regulating the public display and sale of goods and the sale of dietary supplements within the ship to country. As a practitioner, you agree to indemnify us in relation to any claim arising from the failure to observe any law regulating the public display and sale of goods that we sell you.

Our products may not be advertised in ‘online marketplaces’ including Amazon, eBay and iHerb and the like. We do not authorise our products to be advertised and sold as self-prescribing supplements. We have the right to refuse and withhold supply in these circumstances. We do audit ‘marketplace’ sites daily. We prohibit the ‘distribution’ of our product to other wholesalers or third party for the resale to patients.

The prescribing practitioner is required to demonstrate to Spectrumceuticals that they are registered with a professional association, including identifying the clinic or location where they conduct consultations.

Retail Prices for resale to your patients is provided on the individual product page without local taxes. The Retail Price is a suggested price.

Our company policy is our high potency formulas are for dispensing through healthcare professionals whose primary business is patient care.

We aim to follow up wholesale registration requests within 3-4 working days and we will contact you in relation to the request if details are incomplete. We never ask for financial details by email or unsolicited phone calls.

Please read our Help section on Payment, Currency, Shipment. Customs Duties and Taxes. All approved Wholesale Customers are Prepaid.

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  • Nature of Business
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Note on Invoice for Customs
  • We define a practitioner as a: ‘Chiropractor, Dentist (including Hygienist, Prosthetics, Therapist), General Practitioner, Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Physician, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Optometrist, Osteopath, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Psychologist’ with the relevant qualifications from a recognised institution and a registered association. Other Terms and Conditions in relation to Shipping, Payment and Customs Duties and Taxes apply and are found on the Help page. Duties and taxes are not included in your order. You are responsible for paying any charges due upon delivery if applicable.